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Archived: Machel To Release Remedy As Former Drummer Strikes Gold With Recent Release



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Whether Team HD plans on an all out takeover or whether their plans are less invasive, we’re uncertain, but one thing’s for sure and that’s the fact that their approach to the 2015 Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago, is being carefully strategized.

Machel Montano promo'd his new single, via Instagram.

Machel Montano promo’d his new single, via Instagram.

Last week Montano got his PR wheels moving when he appeared on ABC’s Dancing with The Stars- coincidentally on the same night that Alfonso Ribeiro’s groin injury failed to impede his performance, leading to a major lead in the race to the finish on the hit television show. Ironically it was the same night that guest judge, Pitbull made his presence felt on the television series. In fact, for those who may have missed it, Montano was even mentioned by the Latin hunk who thanked Ribeiro for extending an invitation to the soca megastar to attend the show. Now, on the heels of that, Montano is set to release a brand new soca single for 2015, today.

Machel's New Single for 2015, 'Remedy' will be released today.

Machel’s New Single for 2015, ‘Remedy’ will be released today.

Like a properly timed clock, the reigning Power Soca Monarch and Road March champ is releasing the single, ‘Remedy’ on the heels of Kernel Roberts’ ‘Soca State of Mind’ – a song that has already kicked off the season on a high note, according to some prominent radio personalities. Kernel recently announced his decision to enter the vocal foray as an official artiste in the season ahead. He said he would no longer be drumming for the HD band as a result.

Montano’s new single is being touted as a big one, with the FADER magazine in New York set to premiere the single at 12 noon today. The Precision Production produced track is widely anticipated, and as is somewhat of a norm, Montano’s voice is likely the soca signal to start the Carnival season.



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