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Konshens Kicks Traditional Parenting to the Curb.



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Dancehall artist, Konshens is comfortable with his six year old son, Liam listening to unedited dancehall music, much to the dismay of some critics.

In a social media post on Thursday, the 37-year-old father of two, who’s known for songs like, “Bruk Off Yuh Back”, “Gal A Bubble,” and “Backaz”, showed a video of his son in the backseat of a car, being exposed to some pretty explicit lyrics, considering his age. Fans of the entertainer, questioned his parenting style, many arguing that the content was unacceptable for a child of that age.

In response to the criticism, the Kingston born artist said he would not allow society to dictate what is morally right or wrong for his son. “U can men society dictate what is morally wrong or right in your house but a me an him mom dictate what works in his life,” he responded to one person in the comments.

In the post, the artist seemingly attempts to re-introduce his son to Jamaica’s dancehall culture, referring to him as a “like yankee bwoy.” One person lamented the effects of such content on the present generation, saying, “Lord, please help this generation. People do not understand the damage they are doing to their children by exposing them to things like this so early.”

Konshens meanwhile, lashed back at critics in one post, insisting that his son is not a fool and arguing that he is a straight A student who sits at the top of his class.

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