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Kes the Band Takes Over Tonight!



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This is Carnival week in Trinidad and Tobago. The energy of a festival that annually delivers the most vibes that can be experienced anywhere in the world, would have culminated next week Tuesday. Covid-19 has however put a spoke in the wheel of true “Carnivalians,” but the spirit of the festival lives in their hearts.

Artistes have been answering the call. Last week, Nadia Batson delivered what was undeniably one of the best carnival related television productions seen over the years. Her team demonstrated an aptitude and perfect understanding of what viewers require of a televised soca experience.

Her show- Artform 3, was followed up by events hosted by Preedy, Lyrikal and Blaxx, all of which gave home audiences much to enjoy.

This week, Kes The Band takes over. Artist, Kees Dieffenthaller and his team will deliver a 5 night soca series dubbed ‘IZWE’. It starts tonight! According to a media release, the events being hosted live at The Sound Forge in Port-of-Spain, will see some 300 patrons in attendance, each night, with all covid-19 protocols put in place by government, being observed. The events all air live on CNC3 in Trinidad and Tobago and affiliate stations up the Caribbean. Fans outside of the region can livestream the concert via, by purchasing tickets for $10. The live stream is available at no cost within the Caribbean.

“This is a presentation of culture in all its different aspects,” said Kees. “We’ll be celebrating the essence of who we are. It all began with drums and fire and, out of the revolution of our ancestors, Carnival came to be the sweetest revolution. We are celebrating our light in these dark times,” he said.

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