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Archived: A J'ouvert Of Sweet Jab- Grenada's Spice Mas Climaxes



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Revelers parade the street in Grenada's J'ouvert with objects of little or no use, making it a part of their portrayal.

Revelers parade the street in Grenada’s J’ouvert with objects of little or no use, making it a part of their portrayal.

Toilet bowls being dragged from one end of the Carenage to another, old refrigerators being rolled along the roadway and countless chains attached to inanimate objects, being dragged behind J’ouvert lovers from across the world, their bodies drenched in oil and paint. This is Grenada’s Jab Jab J’ouvert- a truly extraordinary experience that can be compared to no other.

ETCETERABUZZ.COM endorses the Jab wholeheartedly. It is without a doubt, the wickedest experience within the Grenadian Spice Mas experience. The hours are now winding down to the parade of bands on Carnival Tuesday but there was no missing the J’ouvert on Monday morning- a parade of the ‘duttiest’ revelers ever seen. Scores took to the streets from 4am, parading behind just a few big trucks, among them the Digicel truck and the Carib truck. In between, there was the sound of the pan and the rhythm section but it was all about the sights, a significant visual experience no one should ever die without seeing for themselves.

Grenada's Tourism Minister, Alexandra Otway-Noel.

Grenada’s Tourism Minister, Alexandra Otway-Noel.

On the road, the island’s Minister of Tourism, Alexandra Otway-Noel, paraded with her people, showing a sense of indifference to social status, mixing and mingling with the common revelers and enjoying every minute of it. A number of Trinidad and Tobago carnival lovers made the trip over to the Spice Isle- most having booked their spot early with the IMG Entertainment, Flavour De Mas and Summer Crew factions who collaborated to deliver a meaningful Spice Mas experience to them.

There's nothing like the Jab Jab!

There’s nothing like the Jab Jab!

The music proved infectious on J’ouvert morning, sending revelers into a frenzy. On their tongues were the words to the season’s hits – Scholar’s ‘Nothing for Nothing’, Shortpree’s ‘For The Sake’ and even the collaborative single sone by T&T’s Nadia Batson and Grenada’s Boyzie, ‘Wildness’, among others. Words couldn’t begin to explain the vibe on the road during this five hour J’ouvert experience. It was truly epic.

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