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Archived: House of Vikings Roots For Upcoming Artistes With Extraordinary Initiative



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It may be seem like a small effort by some but it’s definitely a good effort. In a recent social media post, Bunji Garlin revealed that the House Of Vikings has been outfitted with an iPad that is mounted at the entrance of the office and has been loaded with the music of rising soca artistes. According to Bunji, the initiative is aimed at allowing promoters, musicians and business associates the opportunity to access and hear the music of young artistes whose music may be overlooked by radio stations for one reason or another.

Bunji shared a photo of the iPad that’s being used to propel younger artistes. It’s an initiative at the House of Vikings in Trinidad.

Bunji says the iPad at the office will allow business associates to stop and listen to these artistes’ music in a more relaxed environment, dubbing it a second chance or another chance as the case may be.  “This is our duty and we should and must do this,” says Garlin in his post. He continues:

One way or the next whether it by by Old Age, Retirement, Sickness, Death or just plain had enough we ALL will have to pass on our musical strengths and knowledge so the best way to do it is to just do it the right way. All artistes can send your music to None will be screened. All will be placed for public listenership. Thank you @Fayannlyons1 on this one. Boom!”

Shout out to the Asylum Vikings on this forward thinking initiative. Always remember, each one- help one! 

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