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‘Harvest’ from Home! Who’d’ve Ever Thought It’d Be This Good?



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You are awakened by the faint sound of gospel hymns coming from the stereo in the kitchen. The steam from that delicious, hot cocoa, brewing on the stove, swells through the house. It’s Saturday morning and there’s just enough time to utter a short prayer, put on some slacks and head to the market with mother. The undeniable smell of fish greets you on entering. Brightly-coloured peppers glisten in the dew. Potatoes clinging to their brown coats, rows of fruit of varying shapes and sizes line the tables. Women, men and unwilling children trailing behind them, crowd the walk-way. Ahhh, what could be better than this?

Okay, sooo…I am not, and probably will never be a “market” girl. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people who like going to the market – I’m just not one of them. My mother (God bless her soul) took me once. Between dodging puddles of water, dripping from the produce, fist-fighting the pungent smell of fish and battling my way through the crowd – I decided that I preferred my seasoning come in tightly sealed bottles, purchased at the grocery store. Beyond that, dining out was always a thing. Then Mr. Covid came for an unexpected visit and decided to overstay his welcome. The cases and deaths increased daily and several restrictions were implemented, which included the eventual closure of restaurants/food places.

And so it began;  the wave of home cooking broke the internet! Pictures of home cooked meals flooded social media as people like myself, got re-acquainted with that magical place called ‘the kitchen’. I religiously searched online for new recipes and interesting ways to add flair to everyday meals. Now, I live with family members who have co-morbidities and at times asthma could get the better of me; so I needed to find a way to limit my grocery outings on a whole

That’s when I came across Harvest 2 Home. They were promoting delivery services of provision, fruit and vegetable packages straight to your door. Honestly, at first I was a bit apprehensive.  I’d always heard about being able to choose the best pick of fruits and veggies for yourself, at the market. I’m a bit of an indecisive person, so I delayed for a while before actually making the purchase. 

Produce delivered by Harvest to Home.

Contacting them was the easy part and by the following Friday, my order arrived. From the Sweet potatoes, to chive, to garlic to an extra portion of broccoli I added to the order- not one blemish or defect found , much to my delight. It was like the market came to my doorstep y’all!But seriously though, being able to rely on this service to deliver exactly what they promised in the way that they said they would, and in a timely manner, was a breath of fresh air. The ease of access to the company’s reps and the regular updates were duly welcomed. 

So if you find yourself stuck indoors like me, or in need of a break from running errands, it may be time you start ‘harvesting’ from home.

~ Dominique 

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