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Get Back on the Go! Beginning Tonight, Entertainment Influencers Like Smooth and Kevon X Get Realer Than Ever. This Is How…



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There’s nothing in the least bit entertaining about the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, Covid’s gotten the best of every person involved in the entertainment industry and they’ve got the stories to tell it. Tonight, at 7pm, some of those very vivid and emotional stories are going to be told – even the ones that led to death. 

Urban radio personality and influencer, Smooth of Boomchampions 94.1FM said he was diagnosed with Covid-19 and it was an experience he wishes on no none. He also lost an aunt. Together with others in entertainment, Smooth and Nestle Nutri-GO- a brand he’s endorsed by, begin the journey to recovery, accepting the truth of the past year and four months, while excitedly prepping for the return, post pandemic. 

Nestle Nutri-Go is this time around, challenging others, even those outside the entertainment biz, to be an inspiration and to motivate those around them. They’re dishing out an honest campaign – launching at 7pm tonight on social media, and featuring the true stories of people like Smooth, boat ride boss, Kevon X who’s a voice at urban radio station, RED 96.7FM, Anthony Claxton from the very popular, Krew Kutz barbershop, Ainka Williams who’s an extremely popular face in entertainment, working at TTT and Next 99.1FM, among other awesome influencers. The campaign will feature these various influencers in separate posts each Tuesday, through the end of July, with a bonus feature that spotlights entertainer, Nessa Preppy. 

The idea is to basically get us all back in gear – shifting focus from the negatives that exasperated everyone over the past year, and looking toward the possibilities that lie in wait. Like the Nestle Nutrigo brand’s hashtags, #KeepGoing and #GetBackOnTheGo, they’re reinvigorating the mental mindset, and what better way to do that, than to show us all that no one was spared from the truth of the pandemic – not even those you may have thought were just fine! 

“With this particular project I realized the company and the brand truly care about the people they’re selling their product to. They are actually showing that they really, really care about the people, especially during this time, with the pandemic,” said Smooth in a chat with us. He said he got very real in executing this campaign, highlighting that both he and his wife were diagnosed with Covid-19. “I just hope people really listen to what I said and start being responsible. There are still so many people being irresponsible. It’s a really serious thing,” he said.

Smooth lost one of his aunts to Covid-19 and while that was devastating for him personally, he said he’s truly concerned about the thousands of people who’ve been under tremendous financial strain over the past 16 months. He’s not the only one. 

Tasked with coming up with the right message for this effort by Nestle and its NutriGo brand, the creative team sought to highlight these people Smooth spoke about, in the realest possible way. They wanted to send a clear message that nobody is alone during this time. 

The three-part visual campaign will deliver a rollercoaster of emotions, according to the creative unit. “We had to work in a very controlled environment because of the pandemic. We couldn’t go out and speak with the man on the street like we would’ve wanted to. We thought that maybe stripping off a couple layers of the people who may be seen as invincible- seen as influential, could bring that sense of real- and one word to describe the NutriGo brand is real.” 

The realness of #GetBackOnTheGo – an effort by NutriGo, will quite possibly show everyone, no matter who they are, where they’re located, and what their circumstances are, that they form part of a whole that if united, can and will be strong again in the weeks and months ahead. 

We encourage you guys to check out NestleNutriGo on Instagram and Facebook.
This one’s for the WIN! It’s time to get back on the go!

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