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Archived: Du Bois Is Around. He Has 2017 Hits. JUST LISTEN.

Approx. 2 min read Some have been speaking in hushed tones…asking, “Has Kerwin Du Bois released anything?” Well, of course he has, and they’re all full of vibes!!!”



Approx. 2 min read

Hearing enough of former International Soca Monarch Champ, Kerwin Du Bois this season, or not? Would you believe he’s contributed just about half a dozen songs for the Carnival 2017 season? 

Last week, Du Bois told hosts of RED 96.7FM’s Red Hot Morning Show that he recently had a pretty eye opening experience. He said he’d been at the supermarket when someone walked up to him and asked whether he’d be releasing anything for the season. Pretty aweful, wouldn’t you say? Thing is, Kerwin has songs like ‘New Day’ with St. Lucia’s Teddyson John, ‘We Doh Play’ with reigning Soca Monarch Champ, Voice, ‘Misfits’ and ‘Dis Is De Band’.

Former Groovy King, Kerwin Du Bois feting in Jamaica.

On Wednesday, Kerwin made it clear that he had never been about the spotlight and celebrity life, explaining that he feels the Soca Monarch competition fuels negative energy among artistes and disunity. He touched on the fact that he’s really not a fan of social media either, but strangely, since that interview, we’ve certainly been seeing a lot more posts from the ‘Bacchanalist’ singer, of late. 

Du Bois has been consistent as a creator and a true contributor to the music of the Caribbean. He has written and produced music for countless artists but on Wednesday, his hurt could not be hidden. He spoke of the need for Caribbean people to purchase the music that is created and sold online by the soca stars that they love, making it clear that until this is practiced, soca will never earn its rightful place as a genre of its own, internationally. “Soca Is Life,” he said at one point, almost shouting so that listeners could understand his passion. He relayed an experience where at an international event, dancehall music had been playing and from the moment Soca began blaring through the speakers, the entire vibe and energy of the people, changed and the fun could not be denied.

Undeniably a fetter, the entertainer last week made it clear that he’s not one to remain backstage after any performance. “I like to go in the crowd and I don’t want no security,” he said. That was certainly a shocker but truth be told, Du Bois has been spotted feting and having a great time to Soca music, around the world. That is certainly a trademark of a true soca music lover, whether artiste or otherwise. If you LOVE soca music, feting comes naturally.

We anticipate seeing and hearing a lot more from Kerwin Du Bois as the Carnival 2017 season climaxes. Don’t you?

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