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Dem Bacchanal Boys Are Coming To Trinidad. They’re Ready to Cause A Scene.



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We’ve all seen the videos. The winery is always a problem. Since 2018, the Bacchanal Boys, as they’re known, have been causing a scene at fetes worldwide. Originally based in Atlanta, Georgia, the team of six members, which is led by Josh ‘Prezzi’ Cumberbatch, has capitalized on a simple and enjoyable pastime that they feel every Caribbean-style carnival event, needs.

“We’re now based in Miami, Florida,” Prezzi explained in a quick chat with Three members of the Bacchanal Boys will be in T&T from next week Wednesday, attending events like Punchy Wednesday, A.M Beach, Tribe Ignite, Silent Morning and Soca Brainwash among others. They’ve also been swooped up by Exousia Mas for mas on the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Josh ‘Prezzi’ Cumberbatch

A third generation Bajan, Prezzi explained that while his parents and grandparents were born in Barbados, he is an American by birth and fortunately, his genetics seem to be quite rooted in the Caribbean. With wining skills that bring major attention, the team leader is excited to return to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. He was here in 2020- the last time the festival was held in its traditional format. “The idea for Bacchanal Boys came to me after I saw a team of girls called Fete Queens and I thought we could become the male version of that group- bring the vibes and hype- bring bacchanal and wildness to the forefront,” said Prezzi.

He has no shame in his game and is going hard in penetrating markets, all with the view of promoting the Caribbean and having fun while earning along the way. “During the lockdown, people saw what we’d been doing and they began requesting to pay for our service,” he said, highlighting that the aim of coming back to T&T this year is simply to cement what was started in the carnival Mecca, two years ago. “I feel like this is a really good opportunity for us to keep doing what we’ve been doing for the culture, expose it more. I knew the hype for Carnival 2023 would be high so there was no question that we had to be a part of it.”

Exousia Mas, a local band in Trinidad and Tobago, Prezzi explained that connections like this one, makes it all worth the energy and time. “We’re attempting to build these connections to build business within Trinidad and Tobago,” he said. With their solid brand of ‘Wotless behavior’ being ingested and digested around the world, via the World Wide Web, Prezzi noted that there are some who will and have, frowned on the behavior, however the team is undeterred. Asked whether the ‘Wotless behavior’ has led to any relationship breakups in their camp, Prezzi said, “The way we get on…it ain’t easyyyy… a lot of jealousy. You have to be a strong gyal to be with a Bacchanal Boy for sure.”

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