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Archived: Chromatics Sends Ripples- Calls Entertainment Media in Trinidad Lazy F$cks'



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There are some artistes in the world of entertainment who simply could care less about the possible consequences of their words. One such artiste, who might be coined a realist is, Trinidad and Tobago Hip-Hop act, Chromatics. The entertainer who is signed to Angostura’s LLB brand, last week posted a Facebook sentiment that may have stunned some members of the media, but in the same breath, it may have been just what the rest of the local entertainment fraternity, may have been thinking. 


Chromatics is known for his outspoken verses.

Known for his outspoken verses, especially with the three installments of the Carnival Rap Up anthem, ‘Matics as he is fondly referred to, delivered some harsh words to the media on August 14th. In his online post, he said, “Entertainment news on Trinidadian radio does kill me yes…..who d f@ck cares if Jennifer Lopez insured her ass for a mill, or that Chris Brown has to attend anger management classes or why Rob Kardashian didn’t go to his sister Kim’s wedding.Stop copying, pasting, printing then regurgitating entertainment blogs you find on d internet and go do some real research and report what’s going on in our Entertainment Industry. Yuh Lazy f$cks….Disclaimer: who d cap fit mek dem wear it.”

Chromatics’ utterance follows that of several members of the local entertainment industry over the years, among them Impulse and KMC. Many artistes claim that the media in T&T does not do enough to assist in strengthening the overall marketing of the various entertainment disciplines on the island. Local radio and television personality, Hans DesVignes who works at urban frequency,, in a response to Chromatics’ post last week said, Here’s the deal… It’s a two way street. Most of our entertainment news reporters not doing sh$t with the exception of people like Aba Luke and Adanna Asson but truth be told international artistes have PR people that send out releases (even the fake ones). Another approach to more local entertainment news is artists actually generating and providing news.#nolazymanting

Another prominent voice in entertainment, Adrian Hackshaw, best known as ThirdBass also chimed in, saying, “We don’t have an industry in t&t we have a ”dustry”……in a real industry all systems work in place to build an artiste & and all make $$$$$…….unless u like ‪Aba Amina Luke doing it for the love ”nobody cares”……….why must one who getting a basic salary & your boss not telling u anything because the ent news segment sponsored anyway…..put in alllllll that work to run down local artiste who busy touring making money or doing whatever to find out what’s going on in your career ”what’s in it for them”………that’s the ”dustry” mentality.

The post that puts the local entertainment media to shame.

The post that puts the local entertainment media to shame.

Meanwhile, the ever controversial Chromatics celebrates his birthday today. The EBUZZ team wishes the entertainer a blessed birthday!

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