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Archived: Chromatics Dishes Again in Carnival Rap Up 2014 Single This March



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We all know Chromatics – the most prominent Hip Hop artiste in Trinidad and Tobago. EBUZZ caught up with the entertainer last week and we found out that he’s set to release the third installment of his Carnival Rap Up trilogy on March 9th. In the past two years, ‘Matics has dished on the carnival ‘bacchanal’, much of which takes place among the head honchos of the industry, and out of the public eye. What he’ll be rapping about this year, we have to wait and see, however the Highway Records act told us a lot has taken place and he’s been closely taking it in.

Chromatics and his management are ready for the LLB life.

Chromatics and his management are ready for the LLB life.

In the past couple weeks, Chromatics- real name, Richard Raj-Kumar, has been basking in the announcement that he will be the brand ambassador for Angostura’s LLB beverage. The deal was secured by his management and Chromatics says he is eager to represent Angostura in this capacity. “I’m really happy to be working with Angostura. They assisted with the promotion of my Science of Colours Volume 2 mixtape last year and to date, the mixtape has been downloaded some 2000 times,” explained ‘Matics. He said Angostura is a company that promotes and markets several of its brands across the Caribbean and even internationally, something he and his team at Highway Records are strong believers of.

Deal struck, Chromatics signs on the dotted line.

Deal struck, Chromatics signs on the dotted line.

Chromatics said he worked with the LLB brand during the ‘Lyrics Like A Boss’ campaign and because of the tremendous response received from the public, and essentially noted by the Angostura team, this particular opportunity arose. Now Chromatics will market LLB to an urban, youthful market locally, across the Caribbean and even as far as Canada. He assured that he will be living the LLB brand, this as he continues work on the much anticipated Carnival Rap Up 2014 single. “Folks can look forward to new jingles and other projects, and rest assured that I’ll be associated with everything LLB related from this point onward.”

Reflecting on the endorsement opportunity with a company he acknowledges is a reputed one in T&T, Chromatics said this deal shows that there is a heightened level of appreciation for the Hip Hop fraternity and overall development within the industry. “It marks growth in the corporate sector as it shows that companies realize they don’t have to run down the carnival season and the soca artistes alone. It shows that they’re capable of also embracing the Hip- Hop culture and other local acts and music genres,” he said.

We await the release of Carnival Rap Up 2014 and even with that, Hip Hop fans can also get ready the release of Chromatics’ Science of Colours Volume 3 mixtape, which will be getting Angostura’s support like it did last year. “It’ll be released on the same day as Carnival Rap Up 3- March 9th and it’ll be available for free download online, inclusive of Carnival Rap Up 2014,” he assured.

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