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Archived: Caribbean Girl, Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Island Style Twerk At the 2014 VMA's



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Nicki Minaj's OOPS moment at the VMA's

Nicki Minaj’s OOPS moment at the VMA’s

While there were several notable moments at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards held on Sunday night, T&T born, internationally renowned rapper, Nicki Minaj may have walked away the most talked about artist of the night, this after jiggling and rudely gyrating her derrière all over the VMA stage, in a show that was viewed by millions across the world.

Minaj performs Anaconda at the VMA's.

Minaj performs Anaconda at the VMA’s.

Minaj, performing her new single, ‘Anaconda’- a video for which was released only last week, strutted onto the stage in a green, revealing ensemble, hair down and face ready for the cameras. In her usual animated behavior, the Queens, New York native who was born in Trinidad, sent the crowd, and viewers at home alike, wild as she performed her choreographed twerking bits, showing off her extra sized booty, like any Caribbean girl would.

Minaj’s on stage moves came one year after newcomer to the big stage, Miley Cyrus, delivered a memorable performance at the VMA’s, bringing the twerk to life no doubt, despite being chastised by several media outlets after, for her moves.

Minaj’s performances at the VMA’s included a medley with Ariana Grande and Jessie J- a track called, ‘Bang Bang’, followed by a pretty interesting collab with R&B crooner, Usher Raymond who tapped the rapper’s big backside with his head, shoulders and hand- this as he strummed a guitar during the performance of “She Came To Give It To You.”

Never one to leave without something a little extra to have the world buzzing, Nicki Minaj was forced to hold on to the mid seam of her black fitted dress, during her ‘Bang Bang’ performance, as, according to reports, she had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction as she took to the stage.



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