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Archived: Bunji Goes Against The Musical Grain- Denounces Anti-Homosexual Claims



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Bunji Garlin is the featured artiste on a recently released remixed single that also features Chris Brown, would you believe? According to Major Lazer’s Jillioniare, who was featured speaking on the topic of Soca music, on earlier this week, collaborations between soca artistes and international artistes, isn’t such a far fetched prospect. We guess this proves it!

EDM Producer, Reid Stefan is behind the remix of

EDM Producer, Reid Stefan is behind the remix of Main Chick

“Main Chick”, the single we’re focusing on, was originally sung by MC and producer Kid Ink but the remix was done by popular EDM producer, Reid Stefan. Chris Brown’s voice is heard on the track alongside T&T’s Garlin and already the song’s been getting some traction locally. It’s not soca- not in the least but Bunji proves he’s capable of delivering on any beat, once given the opportunity.

The local entertainer’s name was recently called in an online article relative to alleged anti-gay lyrics. The story, which was posted on July 28th, called for an apology from Bunji for the lyrics sung in his 2005 hit single, ‘Blaze De Fire’. The call was made by Toronto based, Trinidadian ceramic artiste, Adam Williams. Williams even went as far as filing a complaint, outlining his concerns with the Caribana committee in Toronto. That however, didn’t reach very far as we’ve learnt that the committee received a letter from Bunji’s team, which was reviewed and accepted.

Bunji Garlin continues to conquer musical territories....

Bunji Garlin continues to conquer musical territories….

Speaking with EBUZZ last week, wife and band mate, Fay-Ann Lyons- Alvarez said the situation seemed a bit suspicious and pointed out that several members of the homosexual community in Trinidad and Tobago, have over the years, sought asylum in Canada and have insinuated that homesexuality is treated as a criminal offense in T&T. She said her team felt an apology was unnecessary as the song, delivered some 9 years ago, was not intended to cast aspersion against the Gay and Lesbian community.

Bunji Garlin meanwhile continues to engage the world. This Sunday, the Viking performs at a special event being held in London. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, he said Viking 15 was being hosted by a special group of people he considers family.

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