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Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann Keep The Fire Alive with Unconventional Soca Anthems.



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There’s something about stepping out of the box that shakes things up a bit. Groovy soca music is sweet to the soul but real fetters require much more. They require a certain element of surprise and harsh lyrical force that only some artistes can truly deliver. Bunji Garlin has proven, time and time again, that he is one of those artistes. At his side, his wife, Fay Ann Lyons Alvarez, is no push over.

As the excitement heading into Carnival 2024 increases, the Power Soca music is now beginning to hit the airwaves in Trinidad and Tobago. Some artistes have remained consistent, delivering sweetness in soca that is typical but coming in with their rough, revelrous spirit, have been Bunji and Fay Ann, much like they’ve always done. Already, the pair have been selected to headline one of the biggest and most anticipated fetes in carnival- Army Fete and there is no doubt that the true reason for that, is the couple’s ability to shake a crowd.

Bunji leapt out of Grenada’s Spice Mas Carnival 2023 with a song called, “Welcome to Greenzland.” Much like it shook the scene in August, it has penetrated T&T, with many recognizing the song’s potency even before any major fete has taken place. On the heels of that, Garlin dropped a song called, “Tell Yuh Modder Now.” The track, laced with a heavy handed, anger infused undertone, has the ability to reach deep into a crowd of revellers – most of whom would likely relate to its concept, after all, life is certainly imperfect.

Like her husband, Fay Ann Lyons- the Viqueen as she is called, has a venomous and powerful tongue and pen. Her music is never ordinary, hardly ever soft and sweet and always for the big crowds. She kicked things off with ‘So What’ on the Resurgence Riddim and so far, that unadulterated-truth kinda single is blazing across the airwaves. Her follow up to that has been ‘Single on The Road’ on the Militant Riddim. Her words, “I’m single every carnival,” speaks to the hearts and souls of not only her females but the men too. Lyons-Alvarez’s tone echoes ‘I doh business’ and it’s likely that when she hits the stage in 2024 the enticement will increase.

Bunji and Fay Ann are just two of the artistes who are ready to bring pure vibes and heat to Carnival 2024. The season, a short one, is expected to be jam packed with events and many anticipate seeing a wide variety of artistes.

Many have argued that the same group of entertainers are constantly seen and heard at fetes while artistes who are less popular, but who may have pretty good songs, are left off stage. The call for music that pushes ‘real revelry’ has been consistent. We anticipate seeing who promoters deliver in the season ahead.

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