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As Travis Scott and Others Face A Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Following Astroworld Mayhem, ChinaTown Promoter Weighs In.



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Trinidad and Tobago Radio personality and event promoter, Ryan ’Chinee’ Sing Hon says he feels the artistes, promoter and even patrons are all responsible for the Astroworld disaster that unfolded in Texas on November 5th. His analysis of the situation comes as a lawsuit seeking more than $750 million, was filed on Tuesday on behalf of at least 125 victims of the festival.

Chinee on stage at an event.

The deaths of 10 event attendees has made global headlines, triggering closer scrutiny of major event protocols and analysis of all that went down with hopes of learning from it all. Chinee, known for his staging of the ’ChinaTown’ event, in Trinidad, said, ”There are questions to be answered here.” He pondered thoughtfully the fact that major events of this kind always include the involvement of security agencies. ”The necessary checks always take place as bodies of law agencies are heavily involved before a single person enters,” he said. He said there was no question in his mind that prior to gates being opened, all protocols would’ve been checked and the green light then given.

The crowd surge at rapper, Travis Scott’s festival in Houston has led to dozens of lawsuits being filed against Scott and Live Nation Entertainment Inc.

Travis Scott

The suit, filed by Buzbee Law Firm, also list the rapper Drake, who joined Scott halfway through his Astroworld set, Apple Music, which was streaming the festival, and others as defendants.

“The victims on that night went to Astroworld for fun,” the suit says. “Neither they nor their families were ever warned that they were walking into an extremely dangerous situation.”

One victim was crushed by the “incited, unruly and out-of-control crowd with such force that he could no longer breathe,” according to the suit. He went into cardiac arrest and was then trampled, it says.

“As he lay there under a mass of humanity, dying, the music played and streamed on — for almost forty minutes,” the suit says. The victim, 21-year old Axel Acosta Avila, died at the scene.

The suit accuses Scott, whose real name is Jacques Bermon Webster II, of keeping the concert going even after authorities had announced a mass casualty event. Other suits have alleged the same, and Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña said Scott “absolutely” should have stopped the show once he saw what was taking place. 

“Look: We all have a responsibility. Everybody at that event has a responsibility, starting from the artist on down,” he said last week. 

Scott’s litigation attorney, Edwin McPherson, has said Scott “didn’t know that there was a mass casualty event that was called.”

A section of the crowd at Astroworld.

Scott said in an Instagram story the day after that he was “devastated.” He has offered to pay for the funerals of the 10 people who died and to refund tickets for all attendees.

“Such [an] offer is a transparent and grotesque effort of the Defendants to limit their liability, after the fact, to the families of those killed or injured,” the Buzbee lawsuit says. “The Acosta family would rather Webster have privately spent money on proper planning, adequate security and medical staff before the concert, instead of publicly stating that he would pay for the funerals of those that were crushed and killed.”

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Island Lime Magazine Set to Take Caribbean Energy to Global Heights.



Approx. 3 min read
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Both hard copy and digital, IslandLime Magazine’s on a mission. In the ever-expanding world that we now occupy, efforts continue to share the most authentic Caribbean energy, with everyone outside the Diaspora. It’s not a new idea but the man behind it has all the gumption it takes to make it make sense.

Simon Baptiste believes in the Caribbean potential.

Simon Baptiste says his team’s vision is to create a global platform that allows for the stories of Caribbean creators and creatives, to be shared with people around the world – people who are anxious to discover more about the heartbeat of the region. “Although we recognize the importance of what goes on within our region, there are also hundreds of tales – fiction and non fiction, being crafted by islanders in territories that stretch from North America ti Australia,” he said in a recent Ebuzztt chat. “It’s our job to reveal the players and the art.”

The magazine’s official launch took place on July 4th in Port- of- Spain, Trinidad and featured performances by Key DeVere and John G. In the aftermath of the launch, Simon issued a statement, thanking folks who came out in support. He explained that the rationale behind delivering the project now, lies in understanding that we – the Caribbean people, built nations. “A chain of over 700 islands, encompassing 1,063,000 square miles, has produced incomparable talent- people who have left and continue to leave an indelible mark on art, fashion, music, literature, entertainment, sports, science and technology,” he wrote. Baptiste praised his people, adding, “From Capitol Hill, to working spaces in Nairobi, to the offices of an advertising agency, Down Under, you’ll find someone who has island roots, and spreads the philosophy of what makes the Caribbean and its people so unbelievably spectacular.”

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Buju Banton Celebrates 51st Birthday Following Sold Out Weekend Shows in New York.



Approx. 2 min read

He’s booked to return to New York in November but before that, renowned reggae artiste, Buju Banton will make 13 stops across the US. The Overcome Tour kicks off on August 23rd in Fort Lauderdale. The tour announcement came on the artiste’s birthday, earlier today.

Buju’s weekend double showcase at The UBS Arena has been the talk of the internet- photos and videos showing a sold out arena on both Saturday and Sunday. On stage on Saturday night, Buju – one of Jamaica’s most beloved entertainers, said God had bigger plans for him, despite being written off for a US return, by some. “They said, “you will never come back to the United States of America…” And I said to them, “let’s see what God will do.””

Buju Banton performs at UBS arena on July 13th

Online, some fans have described Buju’s performance in New York as spiritual, one person saying, “When you were ordained to do this, nobody can take it away.”
Buju returned to the US on May 2nd after six years. Prior to the weekend showcase, he had not performed in the States, in 15 years.

A media release by Destine Media confirmed a crowd of 36,000 filled the Long Island arena on the weekend. Noting the success of both shows, it was announced that Buju will now go on a multi-city tour accompanied by the Shiloh band. “The Overcomer tour will feature Billboard chart-topping special guest artiste, Fridayy,” it explained. “Known for his exceptional musical abilities, Fridayy, a Haitian American singer, songwriter, and record producer, has made waves in the music industry with his “When It Comes To You”, Stand By Me”, “Without You” and his triple Grammy nominated song “God Did” by Dj Khaled featuring Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and John Legend.”

In a statement regarding the milestone, Buju’s manager, represented by Joesph Budafuco, expressed great pride in the entertainer’s accomplishments. Budafuco highlighted the significance of Buju returning to tour in the US after a 15-year hiatus, emphasizing the anticipation and excitement surrounding the upcoming tour.

An artiste known for his conscious expressions, both on stage and off, Buju celebrates his 51st year of life today. He certainly has a lot to celebrate.

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