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As St. Lucia Announces ‘Vaxxed Carnival’, Barbados Promoters Voice Discontent Over Ongoing Restrictions.



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On Tuesday, news emerged that St. Lucia’s government had come to a decision over the hosting of the island’s carnival in 2022. While the Mecca of Carnival- Trinidad and Tobago, remains in limbo over whether any kind of traditional festival can be staged next year, the Government of St. Lucia says it will host carnival for vaccinated persons only. ““We have to ensure that we preserve the health of St. Lucia while creating an economic activity for our people to benefit from,” said  St. Lucia’s minister of culture, Ernest Hilaire.

Now, on the heels of that announcement, promoters in Barbados are calling on the government there to remove the present curfew and the ban on events in Barbados. In a statement, the group says all event sector stakeholders in Barbados “have the right” to resume operations, like other sectors have been allowed to do.

Here is the Barbados Events Sector Declaration 2021.

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