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Archived: ARTISTE DIRECT: Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez



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She’s that tough talking soca star that the entire world will know in time to come. In the Caribbean, she’s that celebrity that’s either loved and defended or hated for one reason or another but everyone knows just who she is. Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez is royalty in the world of Soca music. She has followed in the footsteps of her father- reigning Road March and Soca Monarch King, Austin ‘Superblue’ Lyons but don’t get it twisted, she has also forged her own road, winning multiple accolades in the said categories plus the International Groovy Soca Monarch competition. Last year, Fay-Ann challenged herself again- opting to re-enter the classroom in a bid to attain certification in the field of law. Her first series of examinations began last week and on Monday, she will be back in the testing room. We spoke with her for our Artiste Direct feature on Friday. Take a look at some of the answers she gave to our tough questions.

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What’s the toughest part of being the woman that you are?

Trying to get people to understand that I am not going to be explaining myself to them. Everybody has their own pre -conceived notions and they need to understand that I am fine with that. Somebody called me a hood rat the other, and I said I think the meant country rat. It’s ok for them to have their own opinion of me.

Could crime in Trinidad and Tobago force you to migrate and if you were to migrate where would you move to?

It depends on how bad crime gets. If it’s to the point where the government can’t do anything, and we know they have the power to do anything and they throw their arms up and they have done all they can, any smart thinking citizen would see that as their cue to leave. I would either go to Canada or St. Lucia… or Barbados where the crime rate is low. Caribbean countries that are big on tourism with the exception of Jamaica tend to have low crime rates and crimes of a particular nature.

If you had the opportunity to work closely with any living artiste, who would it be and why?

It’s hard to pick one because I can’t put one above the other. Everyone is different for their own thing. For me to pick one artiste, I would be falling in one format. Everyone is unique- we need everyone. I’d work with anyone who has talent and a vibe.

What is one thing about your life that you would like other women in T&T to take example from and possibly apply to their own?

Nothing. You can learn from other people’s mistakes without making it. It’s not taking a page out of someone’s book. If you did something that seemed to be the right thing and then it turned out bad for you what would you say then?

The reality is that I cannot take anything from you that I haven’t experienced. I can look at it and make some adjustments and take from people’s experiences.

I would tell people not to take anything from anybody and apply it to their own lives.  If I had for one second listened to some women with regard to childbirth- because for some people it was the worst thing- I would not have my beautiful daughter. The experience is what is necessary.

Three things you simply do not do…

  • I am not superstitious- so I don’t listen to superstitious people… throw salt over yuh back and all that.
  • And I don’t believe in self -protection. God has to do his work.
  • I will not eat black eyed peas.

One food that’s probably bad for you but you just can’t deny yourself the taste?

I’m not into the junk food- I’m not addicted to any thing. My eating habits are very boring.



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