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3 Moments To Remember From In De Paint Dance 2022.



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Trinidad and Tobago’s 60th Independence Day celebrations was amplified by the cultural explosion that was, In De Paint Dance– a fete held at Tyrico Bay, North Coast, Trinidad, on August 31st. Hosted by Caesar’s Army, the beachside, breakfast event brought out lovers of pure revelry, and not to mention, those patriotic to the Red, White and Black.

Sexy women paraded at In De Paint Dance 2022.

With shuttle services provided between Bayview and Maracas Bay and then between, Maracas Bay and Tyrico, those who opted to drive themselves to the event, had the option of parking at Bayview and then being shuttled to and from Tyrico Bay, where the fete was held. Drinks and breakfast inclusive, fetters delighted in the excitement that immediately presented itself upon entry into the beachside fete. Sexual energy piqued no doubt, the women at In De Paint Dance punctuated their ‘thirst trap’ appeal with the skimpiest bikini strings, shorts and bra-like bikini tops and there were no complaints heard when it came to the opposite sex.


Fete lovers walked into the venue from as early as 2am and by 5am, the beat of Soca LIVE, could be heard. Kes the Band would take the stage, the leading artist bringing fans of soca to their signature ‘hands in the air’ with ‘Meh People,’ a song that invokes a sense of pride like nothing else.

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