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You’ll Never Guess What this Caribbean Artiste Cringes At.

Everyone’s got a pet peeve. Some people can’t stand it when people chew loudly, or drag their feet when they walk. For one Caribbean entertainer who’s slowly but surely making his mark in the business, an opportunity to speak out against his peeve came earlier his week, during an interview on urban frequency, RED 96.7FM in Trinidad.

Asten Isaac maintains his focus and is on course to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Asten Issac- the man who gave fete lovers, “Rum Friend” in 2017, released a new single called, “Come Fuh Meh” but before sharing the song on the urban frequency, he was applauded by the morning show hosts Richard Trumpet and Tim Tim, for his articulation- his ability to speak as well as he does when being interviewed. Coyly, Issac said the art of public speaking is something that must be learnt and admitted that it’s a peeve of his, to hear public figures in sport and otherwise, speaking badly, particularly during interviews.

Assten Issac  has always been about progress. In 2013, he shared his desire and that of his two brothers, to leave a legacy. At that time, his name was hardly associated with music. His focus to be great at what he had his hand in, was strong nonetheless. His new single, as he explained it this week, speaks of an inner strength and faith in God. It was produced by Badjohn Republic and collaboratively written by Isaac and Kyle Phillips.

Check out the new single: 



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