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Archived: “Why Would I Play Anything Else? Soca’s In My DNA”- Red Bull Thre3 Style Champ, Deejay Puffy

Barbados’ Deejay Puffy is presently the talk of the Caribbean. Here’s what he told EBUZZTT on Monday, following his major victory at the Red Bull Thre3Style DJ Competition in Chile.

On Saturday night, in Santiago, Chile, Barbados super DJ, Deejay Puffy stole the global spotlight, after being chosen as the wild card at the Red Bull Thre3Style DJ competition. He went on to seal the deal, trumping other major competitors by delivering nothing short of a unique DJ set that was laced with rhythmic Soca beats, melodies and vibes that no other genre in the world, could compare to. He did it with Soca!

Prior to heading off to Chile for the competition, Deejay Puffy told fans, his move was in the name of CULTURE.

Puffy, in a post- win interview with EBUZZTT on Monday, said the feeling was on par with winning an Olympic medal in the 100 metre dash. “It’s monumental for not only myself but the Caribbean. It’s also monumental for the genre of Soca and I’m honored. It’s still somewhat surreal,” he said. He’d only moments before our chat, awaken and already his phone had been ringing off the hook.

The Bajan soundman whose name has somewhat become synonymous with the Bajan party and fete circuit, told EBUZZTT that  when he submitted his video to be a wild card in the competition, he was chosen for a reason. “I was unique. I played Soca. My career has grown as a result of Soca music and that’s a part of me. That’s my style. I’m not a Soca DJ but I play Soca- I play everything,” he said. Puffy said while he prefers to be labeled as a more versatile DJ, he could and would never deny the Caribbean genre that is innate to his existence. “Soca is always in my sets. I can play at a 100% Soca party if I had to. It’s in my blood. It’s in my DNA. I’m from the Caribbean, why would I come here- and this is what I asked myself, why would they give me the opportunity to be here and I try to be like anyone else,” he said thoughtfully.

The 25-year-old had been challenged by other globally recognized DJs- among them, wild-card entrant Trapment,  JFB from the UK, Australia’s, Beast Mode and You-Ki who repped for Japan. “So far, it’s still sinking in- it’s really still sinking in but I’m looking forward to carrying the torch as best as I can and this means so much to the Thre3Style culture as well because when you compare my style to the other winners in the previous years, it’s really different. I kinda took it back to pure party rockin’. I’m not as technical as the other guys, I’m not. I can be but you have to know your crowds and how to adjust and that’s what makes a great DJ- adaptability and the ability to read your crowd and I try to do that to the best of my ability.”

“Soca is always in my sets. I can play at a 100% Soca party if I had to. – DEEJAY PUFFY




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  1. Narka

    20th December 2016 at 3:06 pm

    Nuff respect to this youngster! I look forward to seeing more of you and hearing your unique touch to so many genres of music. Bless!

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