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Vybz Kartel’s Input Still Gold. Trinidad’s Xone In The Money With New Collaborative Release.

Maloney, Trinidad resident Xone is relatively unknown on the Caribbean entertainment circuit. His elder brother Preedy stunned the Soca fraternity when he broke out a few years ago but even when he did, there wasn’t much indication that there was more to come from Preedy’s camp. This past season however, a songwriter with skill invaded the Soca market, delivering his sexually expressive Soca hit “Work” for none other than superstar newbie, Nailah Blackman and Soca heartthrob Kees Dieffenthaller. It wouldn’t be the last we’d hear from him.

A few weeks ago, we started receiving word that something big was about to be unveiled, a project involving the murder accused dancehall sing-jay and a Trini artist. Little did we know that the project would be the release of a track that’s been referred to as a summer banger by some of the industry’s best radio personalities. Earlier this week, during an interview on urban frequency RED 96.7 FM, Xone said he also co-wrote the recently released “Say Yeah”, a song co-written and sung by his brother, Preedy. That track has been increasing in popularity, daily.

Xone told the story of producer Anson Soverall’s introduction to his vocals and Soverall’s eagerness to have him join the music team of which his brother Preedy and Nailah Blackman are apart. “Anson is a man who knows a lot for people so when you do things for people, people show you love. He linked up with Sparkiebaby in Jamaica who linked him with Jamaican dancehall artist, Spice to do the remix with Bunji,” he recalled, essentially explaining that that initial interaction was what led to the birth of the Vybz Kartel collaboration.

Xone said humility is second nature to him and even revealed a desire to be silent millionaires in the future. He tipped his hat to the new breed of Trinidad and Tobago artistes- particularly Nailah Blackman and Turner.

The new single is called “Vices”. Check it out below.







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