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Archived: Usain Bolt Sets T&T Carnival’s ‘International ‘ Coverage In Motion

Usain Bolt has given Trinidad and Tobago the Carnival coverage boost. Check out just how he did it!

All it took was a few social media snippets from the fastest man alive, and the Greatest Show on Earth- Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival became the topic of international discussion by US entertainment hub, TMZ on Thursday. Jamaica’s world record sprint star gave fans, and the media some insight into his weekend ambitions, letting it be known that Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival is atop the list.

TMZ has since written an article on the PUMA and Digicel endorsee’s plans, not forgetting to highlight that the Jamaican had started the fun en route, with his buddies, drinking and listening to soca music aboard their private jet. They also made mention of Machel Montano, calling him the Michael Jordan of Caribbean Music.

Usain Bolt caused an international stir when he visited Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival in 2014. He had been recorded dancing suggestively on board the Harbor Master during a boat ride event that he’d attended.



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