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Unity is Strength. Trinidad and Tobago’s Artistes Stand Together, Delivering an Amazing Gift to the Nation.

The song is meant to spark conversation about recapturing the essence of Trinidad and Tobago, as it was once known.

A positive movement led by a group of influencers out of Trinidad and Tobago, is causing a stir that they all hope will create change. Amid the seemingly relentless attack of criminals in the country, entertainers and entertainment stakeholders like Anya Ayoung Chee, Kees Dieffenthaller, Muhammed Muwakil, Lou Lyons, Darryl Gervais, Neel Dwala, and Keron (Sheriff) Thompson, have initiated a movement for love, peace and unity.

The video for “No Greater Time”, a song collaborated on by a number of T&T’s acts, speaks volumes- having been released just in time for the 41st anniversary of Republic Day in Trinidad and Tobago.

“The purpose is to spark conversation!” – Kees Dieffenthaller 

The video starts with the sadly chaotic outburst of a female whose desire to see bloodshed cease, is heart wrenching. Her sentiment is quickly followed by the soothing melodies of these amazing Trinbagonian entertainers who’ve come together for a greater good. Terri Lyons, Ravi B, Nadia Batson, Freetown Collective, Nigel Rojas, Destra Garcia, Isasha and so many other terrific musicians bring their unique sound to what is certainly a beautiful piece of work.

Take a look at the video. Share with us, your thoughts on it and how you can see this song, the effort of the artistes and the movement, sparking a meaningful conversation, that could lead to action, in T&T.

To learn more, CLICK HERE. 



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