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Archived: The Ultimate Rejects Are In The Race. Was There Ever A Doubt?

The world is a bit more exciting today. Wouldn’t you say? Well, for starters, Machel Montano has officially launched the ‘Stop The Violence” campaign. That’s an extraordinary move by the soca star, so we’re certainly encouraging everyone to be apart of it. Apart from that though, the Ultimate Rejects are now officially in the race toward the Road March title on carnival Monday and Tuesday.

In a brief confirmation status posted to their Instagram account, the Ultimate Rejects said,

“Your overwhelming support and love continues to pour in and trust us when we say it has not gone unnoticed.”

The message ended with a simple but effective confirmation that “Full Extreme” would be among the Road March 2017 Carnival contenders.

Fans of the song have since shown tremendous appreciation for this bit of news. On Instagram, one fan said, “Now we talking because this song made me spend $$$$$ last minute tuh come Trini .” Another said, “Finally a song that the people has chosen…”

Earlier in the season, the Ultimate Rejects had indicate that they do not enter competitions, this in response to questions from fans as to whether they would be entering the International Soca Monarch Competition. There had been an overwhelming outcry for ‘Full Extreme’ to be officially entered in the Road March race. Now we certainly know, the fans do matter when it’s all said and done.

Merchandizing is now on stream, while stocks last.

Separately, the group has announced the sale of the official Ultimate Rejects merchandize. T shirts and caps are among the items that have been made available to fans, for purchase. Check out their Instagram account @ultimate_rejects for details.

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