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So That’s Why Bunji Garlin Smiles More Now…

He’s been extremely vocal on almost every topic that’s thrown out there. Bunji Garlin- Trinidad and Tobago’s lyricist, has been using his social media clout well. He’s managed to amass a massive following of some 147,000 followers on Instagram and he’s never afraid to tell them just what’s on his mind. Of course, it’s never just between him and his die hard fans. Word that Garlin has spoken often travels leaps and bounds, even making its way to international eyes and ears- proving that he is no ordinary man by any means.

On Monday evening, Bunji rattled humbly, but with a tone that expressed true satisfaction. He had posted a simple image of his eight year old daughter, Syri. The caption however, was another story. His words deep, expressively fitting and undoubtedly well thought out, the “Chicken and Dumplin” singer spoke candidly of the reason he now smiles more than he ever did before. You see, Bunji Garlin- the man initially reputed in the music world as a masked warrior, hardly ever showed the happy emotion. There was, prior to the birth of his daughter, a mystery to him that some even found dark and unlikeable. Syri, he says, is his reason to smile, this as he credits wife, Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez for giving her to him.

Here’s what he shared: 

Eight year old Syri.

“Everything this little girl knows it’s because we taught her. She watched us and she asked questions and as parents we owed her every honest answer. It is because we answered those questions honestly and showed her the fruitfulness and value of the knowledge she amassed, she is incredibly well mannered, polite, loving, EXTREMELY CARING adding to the fact that she wants to be a paleontologist and knows some dinosaurs by their Latin origins (at age 8) she can light up any room she walks into. She understands clearly what she is and where she is positioned and already acts on taking up the weight of what she sets her eyes on. People want to know why I smile so much now it’s because her mother gave me her to call daughter. This kid makes me like a kid all over again hahaha. She encourages joy only when she’s around, it’s like you can’t be sad once she’s there. Syri girl you’ve got one superlatively proud father. Wow @fayannlyons we did great here baby. Sometimes I feel like God is smiling more than me and you when we look at her.”- Bunji Garlin 

Bunji and his wife, Fay Ann Lyons- Alvarez on set in LA.

Now, we understand the depth of Bunji Garlin’s being. He certainly is no ordinary man and even as he travels the world, makes the acquaintance of some of the high powered folk in the entertainment world, we can’ help but feel proud that the Wallerfield youth many once referred to as, “too ghetto,” has risen above the expectations of the naysayers. Bunji recently shared his behind the scenes footage alongside his wife for the filming of scenes for the movie, “Prison Logic”, which is being created by actor, Romany Malco. Garlin plays the character, “Upgrade.” While on set in LA, he shared his feelings with his fans around the world, saying, ”

EVERY SINGLE THING that was said or used knowingly or not to try to deter me is exactly what was used to place me in this position. This is not my doing. This is God allowing this to happen. One thing could’ve stopped me from being here, me. God allow the opening and gave me the strength to take it up, little did I know they were waiting all the time for the signal. I am also very glad that I have @fayannlyons to share this very moment with both on and off screen.


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