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Archived: Stop Brushing your Wet Hair… It’s Just Plain Bad.

Here’s some juice from the experts in haircare when it comes to keeping your beautiful head of hair, beautiful, for many years to come. STOP BRUSHING IT WHILE IT’S WET. According to the pros, wet hair is in fact fragile and should never be brushed out. Your head of wet curls or relaxed hair is prone to breakage so instead of using a brush, try a wide toothed comb.

Start using that wide tooth comb.

Start using that wide tooth comb.

You know those wide teeth combs we often see on the haircare isle… well, truth be told, they were made for the job of detangling those wet strands. Put ’em to use. Now, if you’re really finding it hard to part ways with your special brush that has, in your opinion, been doing the job, for years, try getting a brush with soft, natural bristles, set in a rubber cushion. The experts say the cushion setting allows the bristles to move with the hair, rather than yank at the hair, making it less likely to pull out your strands. It’s also gentler on the scalp.

Let us know how it works for you. It’s never a bad idea to try something new for the sake of making life better!



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