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Archived: Skinny Fabulous Irked As He Comes Face To Face With New Mid East Travel Restrictions

A trip to Dubai may have seemed sweet to St. Vincent’s Skinny Fabulous. Bet he didn’t expect to feel the jammin’ on the way out though. The entertainer who traveled to the Middle Eastern city on the weekend and performed for the very first time at two spots- Ndulge nightclub in Atlantis the Palm and at Miss Lily’s, took to Instagram LIVE to express the reality that struck him as he prepared to board his 15 hour flight back to the West.

Skinny Fabulous seemed to have had a great time in Dubai.

Several Middle Eastern airports have begun implementing a ban on carry-on laptops and other large electronic devices on flights to the United States and the UK. The US ban has affected nine airlines from eight countries – Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Passengers on direct flights to the US from these countries are not allowed to carry on board electronic devices larger than a cellphone, according to one International report.

This morning, as Skinny, whose real name is Gamal Doyle, prepared to jet on back to the West after his stay in Dubai, he faced a serious reality. The officials at the airport weren’t playing. “I just want tell all yuh. Yuh see when yuh traveling from the Middle East, this electronics ban… it dread. De man dem taking away WiFi t’ings, headphones, cameras, speakers, anything de man dem taking away,” he said in an IG Live post.

Deejay Puffy with Skinny Fabulous in Dubai.

Skinny joined fellow Caribbean native, Deejay Puffy-Barbados’ International Red Bull champion DJ, who flew out to Dubai- the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, last week. The pair were spotted in online photos. They certainly showed fans just how easy Caribbean people settle in. Puffy and Skinny pretty much nailed the ‘got visa will travel’ attitude and made us all envy them for a second- we snapped back almost instantly though because we all know, we live where the world vacations…


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