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Shaft Hits Thailand- Eats Snakes On A Journey That Prepares Him for GREATNESS.

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Shaft’s Thailand visit will come to an end on May 14th. He says he’s got a number of appointments with artistes lined up and while he really doesn’t want to leave just yet, he must. “I feel Africa is the next trip. If I didn’t have to go back to meet with these artistes, I feel I would’ve been heading to Africa.”

Asked what what he’s eaten while in Thailand, Jason said, “Snake head… yeah I love snake head. I love it. It taste like fry dry,” he said. He’s also tried Bar-B-Qued frogs, and he’s been having the traditional Thai food otherwise. It’s definitely been an adventure for the culture lover and with a week to go, Jason has shifted focus a bit from the spiritual to have a little fun. He’ll spend the rest of his stay on the Southern side of Thailand where he plans to enjoy some water sports before returning to the US.



 “I began meditating. I began eating better and exercising. More and more I began to feel like God was moving in my life. I began praying a lot more.”  

– Jason Shaft Bishop. 

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