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Shaft Hits Thailand- Eats Snakes On A Journey That Prepares Him for GREATNESS.

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“More and more I started to feel like God was moving in my life.” – Jason Shaft Bishop

The past week has brought tremendous rewards to the life of one of Soca music and the Caribbean’s foremost contributors. The man behind much of the Soca music the world enjoys, songwriter,  Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop says he’s spent the past week in Thailand, becoming one with a place he’d never before experienced. Bishop told EBUZZTT the decision to hop a plane and travel to the Southeast Asian country, all by himself, came quite unexpectedly and to make a long story short, he felt as though God had sent him on this journey.

Jason is a traveler. He’s always traveled post T&T Carnival. It’s a method of clearing his mind to begin writing again, for other carnivals. This time however, upon traveling to the United States, Jason said he felt as though something was different. He told us about a chance encounter with a young writer by the name of Ziah. He said he made that alliance before hopping a plane to Los Angeles for a meeting. No sooner had he reached LA did an inner voice tell him to head back to New York. “I went back to New York and linked up with Ziah. He had booked a studio in Brooklyn called 7 Off Spring Music Production. The person who owns that studio met me and I have since been able to secure a permanent space for my writing, as a result of that encounter,” said Jason.

Jason’s been on a journey.

Sometime shortly thereafter, Jason told us that he was propelled to travel again. He said he began receiving travel notifications on his cell phone about flights to Thailand. For approximately one week thereafter, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he needed to fly to Thailand. “That was it. I booked Thailand and I went. I didn’t know why I was going and I didn’t know what I was going to do,” he said.

Jason’ described his trip as a spiritual one but plans to have a little fun this week.

The writer of countless hits, among them, Destra Garcia’s “Lucy” and Patrice Roberts’ “Big Girl Now”, explained that his manager, Anise Jordon who resides in Barbados, organized a translator to assist him while on his adventure.”For the past 17 years I have been working by myself as a writer and I never had a team. I had been hunting for reliable people to help me. Now I have four people who are lined up to be a part of Shaft Vibes Entertainment,” he said matter of factly. He told us his team has been writing non stop. “I downloaded a translator app and I started using it as I began moving around in Thailand. More and more I began to feel like God was moving in my life. I began praying a lot more,” admitted the Trini songwriter. Immersing himself in the culture of Thailand, Shaft said, “I began meditating, eating better and exercising.”

Now, Jason Shaft Bishop admits to experiencing a clarity that has helped him with his writing. He told EBUZZTT that he’s even managed to meet fellow musicians who’ve expressed a desire and willingness to follow him back to New York. “I think the journey now is just to meet musicians and to meet people in the creative world. It’s not about just Soca anymore. It’s about creating world music. Whether it’s African-Caribbean, Caribbean-pop, RnB Caribbean- I will always add Caribbean because it’s natural to me,” he said.


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