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Roy Cape Drops “Roy Cape”- Opts for D’ All Starz.

Blaxx with Ricardo Drue.

After 37 years, the Roy Cape All Stars will be adopting a new name. The Blaxx led frontline which includes Ricardo Drue, St. Lucia’s Teddyson John and Antigua’s Tizzy, will now be known as ‘ D’ All Starz.’ A media statement issued by Chambers Media Solutions today, explains that the name change comes much like anything else, somewhat of a natural progression, and with a heartfelt thanks relayed to Dr. Roy Francis Cape- the man who started it all, it was made abundantly clear that D’ All Starz are on a mission.

Set to hit Bermuda on Friday, the band will be the headline act for Bermuda’s Hero’s Weekend. There’s also talk of an official website to come on stream soon.

Meanwhile, the band’s frontline man, Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart has released new music alongside long time soca artiste, Starr George. The track, “Beware” is making the rounds, this even as Blaxx’s fellow front-liner Ricardo Drue’s been chatting about owning his very own airline- something he blurted out while wearing a pilot’s outfit. Go figure…. then again, the sky’s the limit. You never know where Antigua’s golden boy may end up. He’s certainly proven his ambition in the past few years, showing massive heart on and off stage. Ricardo’s gearing up for his very first concert showcase on August 1st as well- something he’s calling DruesDay. The event will feature fellow soca stars, King Bubba, Linky First and many others.





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