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Archived: Nicki Minaj’s Mother, Carol Unveils Campaign To Fight Violence In Trinidad.

Nicki Minaj may sometimes seem far removed from her birthplace, Trinidad and Tobago, but her mother sure isn’t. Carol Maharaj is in Trinidad. She’ll be visiting until Wednesday we’ve learnt, and her presence at home is all aimed at promoting peace and ending the scourge of domestic violence against women, that has left several women dead in recent time.

Maraj says she and her kids know how it feels to be trapped in a domestic violence situation.

In recent years, the island nation that boasts the Greatest Show on Earth and even the creation of the steelpan, has been publicly tainted because of a spiraling crime situation. Carol Maraj seems bent on doing something to draw focus to this problem. “Zero Tolerance For Violence” will be officially launched in the summer time, but according to Maraj, the foundation is being laid, and anyone who’d like to get involved can visit her website at 

Having joined forces during her stay with Hamid Rahman, CEO of Xtreme Dance Academy and entertainer and artiste manager, John Michael Alibocas, best known as Makamillion, Maraj who is also a gospel music singer, has been making the media rounds. At the Boomchampions 94.1FM, she said while she would love to walk freely through the streets of Trinidad and particularly, her hometown of upper Bournes Road, St. James, her daughter insists she doesn’t. In a humble tone, she said she has at least one security with her at all times. The campaign, which will materialize in the coming months, was conceptualized by Maraj. She explained that she too was a victim of domestic violence, telling the listening audience that this is not about public perception or ratings but rather to see the issue dealt with as it should.

Makamillion has been making the media rounds with Carol Maraj.

In a chat with Ebuzztt earlier, Makamillion said there will be T Shirts expressing the sentiment which will be given out to those interested in being a part of the effort. “She is concerned and she is worried about the people here in Trinidad and Tobago,” he explained, adding that there is something huge coming, but this is the first step. “She is a mother and she is coming back to her roots. She just wants people to understand the need to take a stance against the violence. She wants to reach out to the youths,” he said.

On her website, Maraj is quoted as saying she’s suffered many long years of physical and mental abuse and is finally free of her tormentor. She adds that she and her children, know just how hopeless being trapped in such a situation can feel and as such, her destiny, she said, is to be the voice for those in such a terrible position.


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