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New Hub, Selecta Charts Promoting Barbados’ Soca Artistes Year Round

Barbados has set its eye on better promoting its Soca music and artistes. The effort is being steered by Paul Husbands, founder and creator of a new music streaming service called, Selecta Charts. The service was officially launched on April 8th in Barbados and according to Husbands, the idea came to him fter attending a Canadian cultural festival, which explored the popularity of soca music access in the country.

Founder and creator of Selecta Charts, Paul Husbands.

Selecta Charts promises to deliver royalties to the top streamed artistes by local music royalty agency, COSCAP. The artistes must however sign up with the company to reap the benefits. Husbands also said Barbadian artistes will have access to statistics for all of their music, a Weekly Top 10 Charts, news updates, the option to upload their own music and new features that will be added over time. Describing the new music hub as a pioneering moment in the history of Barbados, the young creator said this is the first time a music streaming service of this magnitude has been attempted in Barbados.

Much like in Trinidad and Tobago, Husbands highlighted the fact that after the Crossover festival, soca music receives far less airplay than other genres. He said during the cultural festival attended in Canada, it was noted that the music of local artistes and local events are promoted heavily in that country.

“There is so much talent in Barbados and artists deserve an outlet with a big audience and Selecta Charts was designed to be just that.” – Paul Husbands 





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