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Lyrikal Responds, Sets Things Straight as His Name Is Implicated in Online Scandal.



There’s so much happening in Caribbean entertainment these days. Nailah Blackman’s launched her new band, SOAKAH, Konshens tied the knot, Bunji Garlin’s been teasing us about some vintage Garlin and Rihanna’s in Barbados bubbling to Sizzla Kalonji’s music. We can’t forget though that Trinidad and Tobago’s Shradah, a relatively young and less known female soca artiste, has been making some pretty strong and long- winded accusations, much of which surround an alleged sexual situation of which she was an alleged victim. Her Facebook LIVE outbursts have left some bewildered, but there are others who are concerned that her accusations could hurt their image and reputation, especially since, they don’t know what she’s speaking about.

Shradah has been silent on the music scene for a few years. Her sudden emergence is shrouded by sexual assault undertones.

Lyrikal’s name was subliminally called  in one of Shradah’s videos and Lyro’s not happy about it at all. A great season likely ahead, the Brooklyn based carnival mainstay has been churning out the hits. He recently collaborated with Patrice Roberts on a single called, “Criminal Wine” – a Millbeatz Entertainment production. That tune’s been a favorite across the urban airwaves and as Lyro told us, the collaboration came quite unexpectedly with David Millien approaching him with news that he’d created something he thought would be perfect for him and Patsy. “What was crazy was that a few weeks prior, I had met Patrice in the Virgin Islands and  she said to me, ‘aye Lyro we should collaborate on something some time’ and I agreed.  We never planned anything,” he said. Lyrikal’s one of the most down to earth entertainers and with a humble persona that’s very approachable, the New Yorker’s name certainly isn’t one to be called in any kind of media scandal. At least up until now. “I don’t like my name being affiliated with anything like this, ” he said to us, referring to the videos posted by  Shradah, and while he admits that the young mother and artiste did not directly say he assaulted her in any way, her remark that she had reached out to ‘Lyrikal’ for comfort after being allegedly assaulted by a local producer whose name she directly mentions in one of the videos, has Lyrikal stumped. “I know of her- I know her as an artiste. That’s it. We have never had a personal relationship of any kind for her say she would call me!,” said Martin. He said he recalls meeting Shradah once, years ago at Synergy TV, prior to an interview and was introduced to her by producer, Wendell Naipaul. “Wendell said he wanted us to do a song together but that never happened. That was 3 or 4 years ago,” said Lyrikal. We could hear the concern in his voice- the questions as to why Shradah would call his name of all people.

Lyrikal, the artiste who has given fans of soca songs like Loner, Freedom and Dip and Roll, is bothered by recent statements that implicate his name.

Lyrikal told EBUZZTT that if he could speak with Shradah now, he would ask her just that, “why would you say that you called me for comfort and that’s not true? That’s what I would ask her because everyone in my circle, whether artistes or DJs or whatever, know each other and the people who I deal with aren’t familiar with her like that,” said Lyrikal. He said despite everything, he  is concerned about the young woman, lamenting that if she was in fact assaulted, he would hope that the authorities intervene and she gets the help she needs to deal with the situation. “I just did a show in New York with Nicki Minaj’s mother. It was all about empowering women and fighting against domestic violence and the abuse of women. I was actually the only soca artiste on that cast. I have a lot of female fans and I have seven sisters. I could never condone any kind of ill treatment against women,” said the entertainer.

Lyrikal’s looking forward to Carnival 2018 but admits that the numerous recent phone calls and enquiries about this particular situation, has bothered him. “I mean, I have feelings too. This definitely bothered me,” he said.

Martin’s already released four tracks ahead of C2K18 and says he has a couple more to come. Shradah meanwhile, has unleashed yet another social media video. In this one, she attempts to clear the air on what she says are her statements being misconstrued. “I never made sexual assault claims against Anson or Lyrikal,” she expresses.

Ebuzz News

Bass Says it Loud and Clear! He Wants More Brotherhood in T&T After Murder Suicide in Carenage.




Bass calls on men to help each other.

A murder suicide in the Carenage area of West Trinidad on Saturday has sent ripples through the country. The young woman shot and killed, was the mother of a three -year- old boy. Her daughter’s father subsequently killed himself, leaving a note to his son, saying simply, “Sorry”. Entertainer and radio personality, Adrian Hackshaw, the man best known as Third Bass, says it’s time for men to help each other.

In a social media post on Saturday, Bass said:

 “Men, let’s start talking to help each other deal with our emotions better…. PLEASE. #BrotherBrother #goodness.”

It isn’t the first time that the often vocal radio mic man has given vent to his personal emotions on social issues. In a subsequent social media post, later in the evening, Bass questioned whether the situation that unraveled in Carnage, could’ve been prevented. He questioned whether anyone of the couple’s friends or family members had attempted to intervene or were otherwise told to stay out of it.

Domestic Violence and its effect on children, family members and by extension, society, remains a topic of much study. In Minnesota, a small community called, Duluth has effected the Deluth model of dealing with Domestic Violence. This is what it is:

 Duluth Model approach Employs the following:

  • Takes the blame off the victim and places the accountability for abuse on the offender.
  •  Shares policies and procedures for holding offenders accountable and keeping victims safe across all agencies in the criminal and civil justice systems from contacting the police to the entering the court system.
  • Prioritizes the voices and experiences of women who experience battering in the creation of those policies and procedures.
  • Believes that battering is a pattern of actions used to intentionally control or dominate an intimate partner and actively works to change societal conditions that support men’s use of tactics of power and control over women.
  • Offers change opportunities for offenders through court-ordered educational groups for batterers.
  • Has ongoing discussions between criminal and civil justice agencies, community members and victims to close gaps and improve the community’s response to battering.

For more, CLICK HERE. 

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Machel Montano and Kernel Roberts Win Court Appeal in Zen Fracas Case.



Machel Montano on stage.

The case involving Soca heavyweight Machel Montano and his former band mate, producer, Kernal Roberts yesterday reached another milestone with a ruling that saw the appeal won by the entertainers. The Zen Nightclub incident case has spanned almost a decade. Montano, who has been relatively quiet in recent weeks, showing fans more of a spiritual side on his social media platforms, is undoubtedly planning his Carnival 2018 season. Speculation is rife that top names in music internationally, may be included in the Machel Monday lineup, once again in 2018.

We spoke with Montano’s mother, Elizabeth Montano yesterday. She explained that there will be a retrial of the case, despite the duo having won the appeal. Mrs. Montano told us that the reason given for this is simply the fact that Montano and Roberts are public figures, Montano being an icon in his own right, and based on public interest in the case, a retrial was thought necessary by the judge.

Montano meanwhile, yesterday took to social media to thank fellow artistes, Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons for the past year, having worked closely with them after the release of the single, “Buss Head.”

He said:

“It was a real blessing for @chekothari, my team and I to partner with @bunjigarlin, @fayannlyons and the entire #Viking#GroundEmpire team for the Buss Head Tour. We developed not only a business relationship, but a true friendship. We received an overwhelming amount of love and support at every stop along the Tour – Toronto, Barbados, London, New York and Miami. Sending much love to the global Soca Massive that supported this song and movement. Much more to come! Respect!”




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