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Kanye West on A Soca Track? Hmm… It’d Be Hot, Wouldn’t it?

Stop for a second and think of what the outcome would be if a Soca artiste collaborated with Kanye West. It’d be insanely spectacular, right? That’s how one Caribbean artiste who understands the need to think outside the box, when it comes to the genre, feels.

A heart full of hope and an ambitious thirst to make it to the next level- a level out of the Caribbean, propels RKG to keep pushing hard. His latest release, “Dancing in the Dark” is totally unconventional. It’s Soca, he says, but a real fusion that includes a pop style that’s unmistakeable. “Our topics, when it comes to Soca, and the sound, need to stand out for us to be taken seriously, outside of the Caribbean,” he said.

RKG’s music has been considered for Grammy nomination in the past. He’s one of the very few artistes who’s been studying the actual ‘business’ of music on an international scale. He says while it’s a great thing to see so many young artistes getting their feet wet in the Soca mix, he believes proper guidance on the business of music is very important. He also feels it’s imperative that the more experienced Soca artistes step in and help these young entertainers on their journey. “I feel like a lot of the Soca music sounds really similar. We have to start thinking out the box when it comes to the sound of Soca. My new track wasn’t written in the traditional way you’d write a Soca track. It also has a very different sound, something that international artistes have been using in their music,” said the artiste.

“Dancing in the Dark” was produced collaboratively by four producers, Syndicate out of New York, Request, Millbeatz and Stadic. “It’s relatable for anyone who’s got an addiction to something,” explained RKG. He said the song was however written about a woman who seems to be the best thing a man could ask for, however as time goes on, it’s realized that the woman is a toxic person who’s anything but good, for any man’s life. “It’s a really groovy song that can be played in and out of the Carnival season,” he said.

For more on RKG, follow him on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Just search for RKG!



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