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Archived: THE RECAP: Jam Nation Delivers Ecstasy Again. 7 Things to Note.

It’s been few days since the annual Jam Naked event held at the O2 Park in Chaguaramas. EBUZZTT.COM checked out the action and it’s safe to say that the event remains a strong and effective choice for true fete lovers, on the Carnival calendar. As usual, the crowds came and the ladies took the chance to heat up the atmosphere with their eye-catching, head turning, jaw-dropping fashion pieces. From see-through cover ups to barely there bikinis, the sexily and scantily clad carnival babies were in abundance at the hottest West side event to hit Carnival.

Here are some things we caught at Jam Nation/ Jam Naked / Jam Junction- whichever you choose to call it: 


  • Parking was a logistical dream. Organizing committee, Dignitariez, did a great job in teaming up with the Defense Force of Trinidad and Tobago for patrons of the event to utilize the extremely spacious, Chaguaramas Heliport. The military officers were very professional and ensured that all patrons returned to find their vehicles in tact after the Breakfast event.


  • Now, while there were some delays to enter the event at the General Admission area, this was in part due to the security measures put in place. Everyone was searched. Shoes were removed at the entrance and everyone got the special pat down treatment that nobody really loves, but at the end of it all, there was no chance for upsets at Jam Naked and that deserves kudos.


  • Vibes was non stop from beginning to end. Fetters had come out to party. Flag crews had made it their business to be there and when Destra Garcia hit the stage at sunrise, there was no stopping the excitement stage side. Even before Destra though, Ezel and Jon Boi had thrilled the massive crowd with the music of the season and much more.
  • Destra brought her heat to O2 Park.

    Destra who hosts her Festival of Bakanal event tonight, at the O2 Park, brought her heat to Jam Nation. Her vocals always on point, the Queen of Bacchanal dished ’em out, engaging fans and showing off her gyrating skills to say the least. She was a good addition to the fete as this season, many had been hoping to catch her live performance, but haven’t been able to.


  • Current Soca Monarch champ and the youth who shut down Jam Nation last year, Voice, delivered yet another solid performance. Shal Marshal also caused a scene when he mandated that every ‘gyal dip and spread out’, which they did and even jumped on stage to showcase their ability.


  • At Jam Nation, MX Prime and The Ultimate Rejects were kings. Their ‘Full Extreme’ was on steroids at Jam Nation, it would seem and the crowd was as high as could be, on the song. Flags waving, people jumping, hands flaring, the performance everyone had been waiting for, ultimately amped up the general mood at the fete. Nobody wanted to go home and many would certainly stay to the very end.


  • In what can only be described as ‘Iwer Fashion’, the Boss of water, Neil Iwer George ultimately flattened O2 Park. The crowd, many drenched in water and foam, chanted not only Iwer’s current hit ‘Take ah Bade” but also his age old refrain,  “De people want water”. Iwer created nostalgia, taking the crowd back with some of his old school tunes. Suffice to say – Iwer ain’t lie… ‘Mashing Up Fete’ is his name


Notwithstanding some criticisms for the intermittent non-soca tracks played during the fete, for yet another year, Jam Nation proved to be a fete not for the faint hearted. Safety was definitely paramount, there was no anti-social behavior- in other words, no stushness, no worries – only good vibes. Even Denise Saucy Wow Belfon was spotted in the crowd from early o clock  jammin like every other fetter. The Jam continues at JamJunction on Carnival Saturday Feb 25th. 

WRITER : @candiebuzz on Instagram. 

VIDEO (CREDIT: @captainjbenn) 

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