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Fay Ann Lyons Channels Her Inner Male

No matter what the world may think of her, the woman who is possibly the Caribbean’s fittest female entertainer, knows just who she is. Fay Ann Lyons, in a recent admission to fans and naysayers, said, “I love men.” She had posted an image of herself, wearing men’s clothing.

Fay Ann donned a masculine look in a recently snapped shot.

Over the years, Lyons-Alvarez has been mocked by many for her choice of hairstyle. Some have even gone as far as to ridicule the Soca star over her love of a toned physique. Despite everything, Lyons-Alvarez remains true to self. Earlier this week, Lyons-Alvarez threw a subliminal punch at her detractors, posting the male-channeled image and captioning it:

“They say I’m a “man”, so you tap into your inner “man” self to see what all the fuss is about! And realize you do “man” better than the ones that call you a man! Damn thanks for the compliment… I love MEN!!! #iloveMEn✌🏽❤️😊 #AzaEmpire #AzaSefu #AzaNation when your #InnerMan slays these #outerMen.”

The comments soon came. She had made a point no doubt and her fans certainly appreciated it. The “Raze” singer has been working on several projects. Her most recent reveal to fans was her role alongside husband, Bunji Garlin in the movie, “Prison Logic,”which is being created by actor Romany Malco.

In a recent Newsday interview, Lyons Alvarez said of the experience, “I would say of the process it is very, very time-consuming. You literally have to do takes over and over and it takes like an hour to get one scene or particular things done. I have an even greater respect for actors.”

She said both she and Bunji are up for the challenge of future acting roles and have expressed this to Malco.


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