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Family Over Hype. Fay Ann, Bunji Keep The Detractors Talking

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Fay Ann Lyons ain’t no push over. She’s making it clear.

Either you love ’em or hate ’em. However you choose to roll, they’re doing what they need to and they’re genuinely happy. Fay Ann Lyons and her family have been vacationing, this amid some kind of petty low blow to her character recently, via social media- the artiste however hitting back in her usual sarcastic tone, letting it be understood that despite the fact that some seem to think that she’s seeking attention, social media is essentially a platform for just that.

A video that’s been causing quite a stir in T&T is at the root of it all. The “Honey Bee” spin off done by Lyons-Alvarez, starring her husband, Bunji Garlin, in a hotel room in the Bahamas led to her detractors saying she’d been seeking attention. Of course Bunji jumped to her defense online, but Lyons-Alvarez proved she’s no push over, telling off her critics with a sarcastic undertone. She made it perfectly clear that any social media post directly or indirectly calls for attention and yes, she continues to seek attention.


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