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EXPLICIT: Fay Ann Keeps Bunji Drooling. 3 Lessons Couples Can Learn from This Hot Soca Couple.

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Say what you want, think what you want, Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons make it very clear every day that their love is unbreakable. Some fiery accusations were last week thrown around on social media- social trolls, as they’re referred to, having taken to Instagram to post words of contempts on Fay-Ann’s page. She had even celebrating her husband’s success. Now, Bunji definitely wasn’t having it! Garlin punched back at one particular naysayer with some vicious words that included a few obscenities here and there.

The social perpetrator, according to Lyons-Alvarez is someone known to them however, the ‘Break The World’ artiste in the end chose the high road, telling her critic that she forgave ‘her’ for ‘her’ slanderous tongue.

Forgetting all that though, we couldn’t help but catch a peep of Garlin’s  ongoing love affair with his wife. The couple are still oozing of that sexual attraction almost 11 years into marriage. With one daughter in tow, Garlin and Fay have withstood the public scrutiny, Bunji recently taking to the ‘Gram with the comment:

“When she knows it’s Saturday night and I’m gonna be drinking  some Stag beer and primed.”

His comment was posted beneath the following video. 


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