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Terri Lyons Binges On Tamarind Balls- Says Fast Food Is A Definite No No!

Mom to be Terri Lyons will welcome her bundle of joy in three months time but for now, her tastebuds, while not craving any one particular food or taste, have been feeding on quite a lot of tamarind balls- a local treat that’s made of sugar and tamarind. She told ETCETERABUZZ that it’s been that one thing that she’s been eating since her palate doesn’t seem to have much taste these days. Meanwhile, Terri remains unaware of her baby’s sex. “I’ve tried to find out but this child just keeps moving so I don’t know whether the baby is a boy or a girl just yet,” she said frankly.

Terri's into her 6th month of pregnancy.

Terri’s into her 6th month of pregnancy.

Jumping from her former 148 pound weight to 182lbs with her baby bulge in the front, Terri says things have been progressing well. “I must have home cooked food- I can’t eat the fast food. The one time I vomited it was because I ate fast food,” she said, adding that she understands the words of her sister Fay-Ann who, in our Mother’s Day feature said she wouldn’t offer advice to any first time mom, as each individual’s experience is different. “Some people are able to go out, some people are bed ridden, some people have deep cravings. I understand what she meant,” she said.

Her sense of smell has been tested during the past six months she explained, telling us that for the most part she’s had to stay indoors quite a lot since she can’t bear the scent of some colognes and perfumes and even the body odour of some people. “I’m just really happy that I don’t throw up,” she laughed, something that many pregnant women experience during their journey to motherhood. Lyons has been in the studio despite her preparations to welcome her first child. She told ETCETERABUZZ that she has three singles to be released from Kernal Reberts’ RAMA studios in Trinidad and she’s also been working closely with Martian Music’s Don Iko and Barbados producer, Peter Coppin ahead of that  island’s Crop Over celebrations.

On the identity of her baby’s father- Terri remained tight lipped. She laughed heartily when we told her that the curious yearned to know. “All I’ll say again is that he’s not someone in entertainment.”

Lyons recently released a single with radio personality and soca artiste, Devon Matthews. That track’s called,’ Need You’.


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