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Denise Belfon Hires Herself- Makes Way For Fellow Soca Stars Year Round

The word is out! Soca’s Wining Queen, Denise Saucy Wow Belfon is taking things into her own hands with a mission to prove that Soca music and all other genres indigenous to T&T, can thrive year round. To prove it, the artiste is shifting gears a little, putting on her ‘Promoter’s’ hat and dressing up the Edge nightclub in La Romain, Trinidad, for something she’s calling Steaming Southland Saturdays.

In 2013, Denise Belfon appeared at a lot of events, wearing the trendy leggings look.

Denise Belfon presents Steaming Southland Saturdays at the Edge Nightclub, La Romain.

Belfon’s proven in the past that she’s got a knack for promoting events. She’s hosted a few successful boat rides and even made her annual birthday soirée an anticipated event in T&T. Now, starting on June 1- this Saturday, Belfon’s encouraging party lovers to come out for a fun time with some of Soca music’s most entertaining acts, among them Farmer Nappy, Ravi B, Iwer George, Blaxx and not forgetting the wining sensation herself. Now, if for a minute you’re thinking this event will be the same old, same old club banger type of party,  get that thought out of your head. Belfon told us she’s adding some very special perks to the experience for patrons with shuttle services being provided from a number of key landmarks across the country. That however comes on stream from June 8th. “We really want to encourage people to come out in large groups and have a good time. They can call the hotline ahead of time and arrange with us to have a shuttle service accommodate them,” she explained. steaming southland saturdays

Question! Ever heard of a wall of fame at a club? Well, Denise Belfon’s creating a wall of fame at the Edge Nightclub and on it,  patrons will be able to check out photos of not just celebrities who pass through but even themselves. With several artistes already sold on the idea, Belfon said the feedback for the event’s concept has been positive. “Everyone is excited about it. It’s a situation where I’m actually the first Soca artiste to present something like this for my fraternity,” she said.

Noting that this is just another step in her master plan to becoming a regional promoter, the woman who often leaves fans screaming for more of her provocative stage show, told ETCETERABUZZ.COM that she’s really excited and can’t wait to welcome people from every corner of Trinidad and Tobago. For more info on Steaming Southland Saturdays you can call their hotline at 325-5252, 307-1841 or 317-9810.

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