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Devon Matthews Releases New Music for Grenada’s Spice Mas

The Jab has been progressively making its way across the Caribbean. No longer is Tallpree the man whose voice is solely associated with the Grenadian J’ouvert style of Soca. From Grenada’s Skinny Banton to Trinidad and Tobago’s Iwer George and now, in 2017, Devon Matthews, everyone seems to be eager to take a jab at it.

For Spice Mas, Matthews has followed up on his T&T Carnival 2017 single, ‘De Journey,’ which featured the icon, Ella Andall, with a single called, “We Playing.” The new track rides the Cow Horn riddim, produced by Island Traffic Entertainment and Wiz Records. Grenada’s Lava Man also has a single on the riddim called, “Duty Jab”.

In a chat with Ebuzztt, Devon said, “I always look at it as one Caribbean and one sound. We shouldn’t limit ourselves to any particular carnival. If you’re into music, you should produce music all the time. The producers of the track gave me a track years ago called, “Push It” and they were always behind me to do another song for Grenada.” Matthews also said he has consistently gotten the support of Lava Man.

Grenada’s Spice Mas is certainly growing in popularity and with the island’s overall thrust to encourage more adventure seekers to the destination, Spice Mas is likely to be the talk of the Caribbean in the next few years. Matthews’ contribution follows that of T&T’s Nadia Batson who, in 2013 released a wicked single called, “De Most,” collaboratively done with Lava Man.




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