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Destra’s Court Ordered $16K Payout to Fan, Causes a Stir.

There’s been no official response to this time, on the matter of a $16,000 court-ordered payout owed to a Belizean fan of Destra Garcia, following a 2015 incident that is said to have left him with a ruptured bladder after a spontaneous appearance on stage with the “It’s Carnival” singer.

This morning, news emerged that Garcia had lost the case against, Fernando Olivia. Last Wednesday, Justice Courtney Able ruled that Garcia should pay Olivia just over $16,577. The injury was caused when Garcia dropped atop Olivia in what some have categorised as a wrestling-type move. The incident took place during the Carnival Overload concert in Belize. After performing the stage theatric for excited fans, the pair got up with Olivia maintaining his composure. In an immediate comment on stage however, Garcia said, “wait… is so quick water does come out your ************ (penis).”

Reports indicate that Garcia was not in Belize to offer a defence. attempted to obtain comment on the matter and the way forward, from Garcia, this morning, however efforts to contact her proved futile.

Here’s a look at what happened: 

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