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Destra’s Adhering to Docs’ Orders. Performs to Sold Out Crowd In Guyana.

Destra’s been given the permission of her doctors to perform as she has been, post surgery to her ankle. The Queen of Bacchanal has endured quite an ordeal in the past couple weeks but has proven resilient, hitting events in Baltimore and Guyana, since the incident occurred.

Destra performs in Guyana with the aid of a medical scooter.

Last week Wednesday, Garcia’s very own Festival of Bacchanal (FOB) took place at the Guyana National Park in Guyana. We understand a crowd in excess of 10,000 gathered to see Destra in all her glory- one foot and all. The lineup included Ravi B, Lyrikal, Farmer Nappy, Alison Hinds and Nadia Batson, S Carter and Bubbles among others. Destra says the event will take place annually in Guyana.

Nadia Batson and Alison Hinds

While many have voiced concern over Garcia’s quick return to the stage, her team is today assuring that the “Lucy” singer is adhering to her doctors’ orders. Her stitches have been removed, EBUZZTT understands, however she has been ordered to wear the Stress Fracture Air boot foot cast for another month to 6 weeks. When this comes off, Destra will begin therapy for walking and jumping on the injured foot. Destra’s been spotted performing with the aid of her crutches as well as a medical scooter- which actually looks pretty cool, we think!

T&T sensations, S Carter and Bubbles were a part of the event.

What’s next for QOB? We’ll just have to wait and see. Her daughter Xaiya heads back to school in a couple weeks and because we know this singer’s no joke mom, we have the distinct feeling that she’ll be focused on mommy duties for the next couple weeks.

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