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Destra Continues Touring, Carnivals Abound and Rogue Is Here.

School’s out but soca mom Destra Garcia’s got to keep grinding, after all, the world needs Soca. Her daughter Xaiya’s been added to her entourage this time around and she’s expected to touch down in Turks and Caicos, Bermuda and Toronto before returning to Trinidad and Tobago.

Carnival action around the world continues this weekend. On the heels of St. Lucia Carnival last weekend when Ricky T stole the spotlight, winning the Road March title with his hit, “Sully”, all eyes are now on Toronto and Barbados where their annual Caribana and Cropover festivals culminate next weekend.

Meanwhile, in T&T, reigning band of the year champs, Ronnie and Caro is preparing to launch its 2018 Carnival presentation, “Life’s Checkered Board” at the Normandie Hotel in Cascade, Trinidad on Saturday. By all prelude accounts, we’re hearing this presentation will blow all others off the playing field.

Rogue is the newest band on the scene.

There’s been a consistent flow of band launches with Paparazzi, Harts, Tribe and Fantasy,  having already launched their themes and sections ahead of T&T’s carnival next year and in case you missed it, Anya Ayoung Chee and her cohorts at Caesar’s Army, are again at it, having revealed a new concept they’re calling Carnival Rogue, dubbed the alternative concept in mas. The band was launched in a street parade last Friday in Woodbrook, Port of Spain with sections like Racy, Raven,  Reign, Renegade and Risque among others, teasing of another electrifyingly sexy option, particularly for female masqueraders.

That’s a bit of what’s happening in Caribbean entertainment these days. Stay with EBUZZTT.COM after all, there’s always something bubbling in these parts.

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