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Day 38 – Kerwin “Boyaka sMash” Gardiner

Boyaka Smash

Young, but fiercely passionate about his culture and the elements of his birthplace that embody it; Trinidad and Tobago’s Titan VCD has stood firmly for Soca music.

Part and parcel of the Asylum Vikings, the young creative mind has had his ability tested in various aspects of the entertainment landscape. He has conceptualized and hosted numerous events, not only in Trinidad and Tobago but across the Caribbean, earning the respect of large audiences and carving a space for himself in the mix.

As a DJ, Titan, whose real name is Kerwin Gardiner, has managed to deliver well to soca loving audiences near and far. His young, vibrant energy has offered him the opportunity to earn the support of a youthful demographic, allowing him the chance to infect young minds with the music of his homeland.

Titan is also a photographer and even here, he represents for Soca, taking awesome shots of his Asylum Vikings family, while they’re on the road, sharing Soca with the world at large.

In recent years, Titan has conceptualized the Boyaka sMash concept, which is aimed at reinvigorating the mood of music and encouraging the world to dance again.

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