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Day 37 – MX Prime

MX Prime

Truly the unconventional, Caribbean entertainer, MX Prime, formerly known as Maximus Dan or Maga Dan, is a Carenage, Trinidad native who has proven that the more one challenges the norm, the more unique one becomes. He is by all accounts, one of Soca music’s most unique entertainers, but wait… we should never box this artiste into any one genre, because he is certainly much more than meets the eye.

Given the opportunity to describe his journey, MX Prime, whose real name is Edghill Thomas may point to the setbacks, the numerous occasions in which he had been by-passed, his music thrown to the side; but in the same breath, he may tell of how these very setbacks made him the great entertainer he is today. Juggling fatherhood, marriage, studio life as both a producer and entertainer and most recently, a full time spot on the urban airwaves as co-host of the Roadshow on the Boomchampions 94.1FM, in Trinidad, MX Prime is proving that every setback is an opportunity to stand taller, to be greater and to prove detractors wrong.

His soca contributions over the years have included ‘Fighter’- the anthem adopted by the Soca Warriors- Trinidad and Tobago’s National Football team, and by and large, the people of Trinidad and Tobago. His remake of Calypsonian Gypsy’s hit, ‘Soca Train’, will also be a consistent reminder of his musical ability. Prime has also given the world,  “Welcome to the Carnival” with fellow entertainer Kerwin Du Bois in 2014, “Building Shake”, “Order”, “Love Generation”, “Kick It Way”, “Be Humble” and most recently, “Full Extreme” and “Stage Gawd” under the banner of Ultimate Rejects- a team which comprises three other musical minds, to whom Prime is loyal.

In 2017, the name MX Prime is mammoth. He is shaking crowds with a refrain that speaks volumes in the present carnival atmosphere and while it is yet to be seen how long he’ll be ‘jammin’ for, most agree that MX Prime is the man in 2017.

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1 Comment

  1. Lance-O

    8th February 2017 at 4:16 pm

    Mx Prime is boss in my book loved from the Maga Dan to Maximus Dan days to now with Ultimate Rejects

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