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Day 35 – Rikki Jai

Rikki Jai

Still the King of Chutney Soca, Rikki Jai stands as one of the best in the arena. He has won multiple chutney soca monarch titles and is truly one of a kind. A veteran in the business, having kick started his career in 1988, Rikki Jai is as established as any other major Caribbean music star. He is probably best known for his hit single, ‘Wine on A Bumsee,” but has contributed to the art from in an extensive way, having delivered songs like, “Show Me Yuh Motion”, “Mor Tor”, “Barman” and “White oak and Water.”

In 2011, Rikki Jai was crowned the Chutney Soca Monarch King in Trinidad and Tobago. It had been the first time prize monies had ben increased to an incredible, $2 million. It had been his 6th title.

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