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D’Angelo’s Coming to Tobago Jazz 2017. How Does It Feel? You Ready?

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The Tobago Jazz Experience takes centre stage between April 22nd and 30th. The lineup of musical celebs carded to perform on Trinidad’s sister isle, include 90’s vocal heartthrob, D’Angelo- the man who enticed the ladies back in the day with his sexy abs and cornrowed thug swag while singing the unforgettable “How Does It Feel”. D’Angelo and his band, the Vanguard will be performing alongside other international acts on World Music Night which takes place on Friday 22nd April at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

For the newbies to  RnB and Neo Soul music, here’s a little history. D’ Angelo caused a stir in the music industry in the 90’s when he debuted with his album, “Brown Sugar.” He was credited, at the time with breathing new life into RnB with songs like, ‘Lady’ and ‘Cruisin” He followed up with the release of his second album, ‘Voodoo’- an album he received a Grammy award for in 2001- topping the Best RnB Album category. That album brought D’Angelo’s physical sex appeal to the fore. He had appeared in a video for a track called, ‘How Does it Feel’, which saw him deeply connect with his female audience. Bare-chested, the sexy RnB sensation spoke to them directly, like no one had ever before done.


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