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Bandit Steals Orlando Octave’s Car. Artiste Says He Doesn’t Know What to Say Again.

Trinidad’s crime situation has struck home for another entertainment figure- this on the heels of comedian Nicki Crosby’s weekend encounter with bandits at a meat shop in Diego Martin that has since left her shaken to say the least. Orlando Octave’s Nissan Almera car was stolen by a brazen thief on Tuesday night. He said the car was being driven by someone who was permitted to do so however the vandal made off with it, in the Curepe area.

Octave is the owner of a car rental and leasing company. The stolen vehicle was one of the cars he often rents or leases. He said the driver had stopped at a DVD shop to make a purchase when the car was stolen. “There is crime everywhere you know- not just in Trinidad but it is really out of hand right now- words can’t even explain. I think it’s a spiritual thing though,” said the ‘Single’ soca star.

Octave’s been a part of the Life of Gheto Youth Tour.

Orlando Octave travelled to Israel in April.

The Rio Claro artiste has been enjoying a consistent calendar of events since Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival 2017 season placed him on a pedestal. His song has remained a powerful radio hit even post carnival and he is likely to remain in the entertainment spotlight for some time. Octave recently teamed up with organizers of the ‘Life of A Ghetto Youth’ tour- a movement that has seen the likes of Marlon Asher, Sizzla Kalonj, Izaac King, Pressure Buss Pipe and others, deliver conscious vibrations to audiences in LA, Atlanta, Miami, Rhode Island and other US locations.

Asked what advice he would offer to the youths, the young artiste said there’s really nothing he could say that hasn’t already been said. As a Hebrew Israelite, Octave has dedicated himself to Yahweh and the teachings of the first five books of the Torah from which he has acquired much knowledge. In many of his social media posts, the young entertainer has said Spiritual warfare is affecting the people of the earth whether people choose to believe it or not.

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