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5 Things That Make Jam Naked One of the Best Fetes in Trinidad.

In Carnival or not, the Jam Naked brand stands firm. The summertime edition of the Carnival blockbuster event took place on Sunday morning, at O2 Park in Chaguaramas and as usual, the Dignitaries- the event’s organizers, made it insanely sweet, again.

Here are 5 reasons you should never miss a Jam Naked event, when it comes around again.

  1. The layout of the event- from stage to bars, water trucks, paint zones and toilets, is always PERFECT. 
  2. The DJs are ALWAYS the wickedest batch. Radio personalities often make up the cast and they never fail to deliver.
  3. Paint and level vibes! If Jam Naked had a bumper sticker slogan, it’d be something related. This fete ain’t no stush fete. The revelry is real from beginning to end and the social makeup of Jam Naked makes it unbelievably unpredictable. This is one of the few new age fetes where a beauty queen from the ‘burbs could be found jamming hard with a thot from the hood. This is a REAL fete.
  4.  The breakfast vibe is IDEAL Jam Naked maintains its sweetness in the still of the early morning hours, welcoming dawn as one people with the promotion of love. Nothing could beat that good energy.
  5. Caribbean celebs always pass through. This year we spotted International Soca Monarch King, Voice, mingling in the crowd. Bunji Garlin, Denise Belfon, Lyrikal and others have been spotted walking among their fans at this fete.


Now, we can’t wait for the next Jam. Will you be there? Better be! 


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